Terms & Conditions
All applicants have to be 18 years and older.
Admin Fee - R100, to be submitted with your scholarship application (non-refundable, even after you can no longer commit to any of the courses you applied for)
Your scholarship application will only be processed upon payment of admin fee and a copy of ID.
Should one of your chosen courses overlap in dates, you will only be selected to attend the one that starts first.
There are limited available seats per course.
Should you not be accepted for your first choice we will ensure you get a seat for either one of your other course choices.
Successful candidates will be informed in writing via SMS. Please take the first SMS as confirmation of your seat.
The scholarship covers your course fees for the duration of your course(s).
A 100% attendance is required in order to graduate.
Upon completion of your course you can decide if you would like to get a certificate at the cost of R50 each.
All communication must be via email, telephone or in person with an RLabsU hub manager.
Disclaimer: RLabs cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage to any life or personal belongings whilst on the property.